Well, as you can tell -- the Law Family has spring fever. We had to take our new canoe out and give it a sea trial.
Girdwood B&B
Crow Creek I think
Now this is living
Alyeska Accommodations
Looks funy with all the snow!
Nice view over Turnagain
Portage Lake
Portage Lake
30-40 knts wind blowing!
Can not stop the maiden voyage of the "Treasure Hunter"
Look at all the snow
Off we go!
The wind really was blowing!
Joshua in Snow Suit
Getting the feel
Whittier Harbor
Rock Throwing
Mark Standley testing out his motor.
Turned over quick after opening up the gas line.
More Practice
Snow on dock
Motorized Support Crew!
Spinning Circles
1 foot seas and less, but very windy!
Practicing Towing
Law Family
Bad Day
Joshua Asleep
Homeward Bound
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