Culross, Applegate, Ziegler Cove PWS

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Well, this was our first adventure out this year, 4 days, 3 nights and what amazing weather and sunshine, a real treat.

Roll 115 - 4
Does not quite look like boating weather eh! but what the heck, these boats are tough, we will just have to chainsaw out a path in the ice.

Roll 115 - 6

Roll 115 - 7
Whittier Tunnel, we were the only boat heading through, looks like we get the whole play ground to our selves.

Roll 115 - 8
Joined by the "Red Fox" pirate of Prince William Sound himself.

Roll 115 - 10
Speaking of pirates, here is my little swabby and pirate in the making... ARGH!

Roll 115 - 12
Just the way the ocean always is, flat and calm - well o.k., not always, but it mostly was on this trip.

Roll 115 - 15
Pirate sticks (Caribou Sausages) and veggies makes a pirate have energy.

Roll 115 - 17
Read fox stretching his legs.

Roll 115 - 20
And you thought I was kidding about cutting our way through ice - yikes - I never thought I would be driving into ice.

Roll 115 - 24
Fist time my boat has seen dry land, sort of like a new car, you hate to get that first scratch, so I have been anchoring about a mile away and dingying my way in. You want to have a nice beach for doing this though and watch the boat so you do not go dry.

Roll 115 - 27

Roll 115 - 28
The main event, there is nothing like shore time, especially a good fire and a juicy smore.

Roll 115 - 31

Roll 115 - 34
A beautiful sunrise at our first anchorage, I would tell you where we are at, but these are secret pirate grounds.

Roll 115 - 35

Roll 115 - 36
Just the right size eh!

Roll 115 - 37
Where are the fish. Caleb said on the way home - "I want to go to the other dock's, these fish are not interested in me"

Roll 115 - 40
At the helm

Roll 115 - 41

Roll 115 - 45
Beautiful waterfalls all over PWS

Roll 115 - 46

Roll 115 - 48

Roll 115 - 51
to fine looking boats resting gently on anchor.

Roll 115 - 52
trying out my new kicker bracket, I have a 5 hp for trolling and it pushed the boat great.

Roll 115 - 54

Roll 115 - 59
Looking for treasures on the shore, we find all kinds of goodies.

Roll 115 - 63
A great fire in Culross Bay.

Roll 115 - 64
Driving all by him self, he will be able to run a boat well before he is able to drive a car.

Roll 115 - 66

Roll 115 - 68
Ziegler Cove on the edge of pigot bay - super nice beach and good anchorage, although we got tossed around quite a bit at night with swells coming in.

Roll 115 - 70
Caleb the pirate heading home.