Trip 2 / 05 - Three Finger, Esther Passage, Caleb Island


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I just love the mountains in the background - amazing country


Looking down into the west end of Esther Passage

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Checking out a pile of net, Cathy was thinking it would look good at home, but it would have filled up the whole back of the boat.

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I looke drugged, but Caleb is really learning how to drive. I now let him power it up on step and run it all by him self, he even is starting to understand the chart plotter - I just have to watch him as he really loves to spin tight circles.


Hard to belive this was this morning - rain starting as we were leaving.

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Cool looking moss.


Argh!! Sundog at rest.

IMG_1602 IMG_1603 IMG_1606 Well, a pretty great trip considering I was not even going to go. Cathy pretty much insisted and it was feeling like I would have had a mutiny on my hands if I had not obliged (poor me eh!) We even saw a large shark on this trip, Cathy spotted it and I drove right by it on the surface - it mush have been 7 feet long - Anyone for a swim?

Until the next adventure...... Sundog Crew!

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Every 4 year old needs a hatchet, he even got to shoot his first rifle on this trip, a Henry 22.


Baldy feeding on a deer carcass in Passage Canal - we also had a Bald Eagle swoop down righ next to our boat and grab the remains of a fish I threw over board.