Port Nellie Juan & Kings Bay PWS (Derickson Bay, Graystone Bay) / Fathers Day Trip
Joe Law

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Pretty flowers with glaciers in the back ground.

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There were 2 Oystercatchers pretending like they were wounded - we thought they were trying to distract us away from a nest somewhere.

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I pulled our ding up the river that came out the glacier as far as I could and than pushed off for a little white water adventure - although short it was fun and zoomed us out to Sundog.


Overall the bugs were not to bad this trip, but we were prepared just in case.

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Driving the bow under an overhanging waterfall in Graystone bay - I like to keep a clean boat.

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Graystone bay is beautiful, not the best anchorage, but it is like having Yosemite all to yourself.