Seldovia Alaska 2005

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Great message by and a great meal afterwards - it is hard not to appreciate the beauty of the sorroundings and intimacy of the fellowship.

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Caleb loves throwing rocks - who needs X Box eh!


Nap Time.


Tide coming up.

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We tried doing some trolling around 4th of July creek and Flat Island for Kings, but did not hook up this trip.


Calebs first official keepr halibut, he got the hang of it pretty quick.

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He prettty much caugh chicken after chicken at slack tide.


Mostly small halibut, but fun and it all added up to a pretty good pile for the freezer.

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Caleb wanted to go play, forget posing for a photo.

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I love listening to the sound of the birds and the harbor as we clean up the catch. Seldovia is a very beatuiful and peaceful place.


Cathy took this great shot of a Eagle in flight.