Anchor Point Halibut Trip - Memorial Day

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Roll 58 - 1
Brad Potter fishing Ship Creek - no fish that day, it was a little early.

Roll 58 - 6
Joe Scores, Brad spotted the fish and I snuck in there and stole the action, then handed Brad my camera to take pictures for proof.

Roll 58 - 7
I forgot to mention that I lost the fish, oh well.

Roll 58 - 9
But hey, it was the first King of the year.

Roll 58 - 18
Setting up camp at Steelhead campground, pretty crowded but Jason's trailer made the difference.

Roll 58 - 20
Trolling for kings outside of Whiskey Gulch. We had one good take down but no committment.

Roll 58 - 21
Nice halibut, we got over 300 lbs of gross halbibut and about 200lbs of fillets.

Roll 58 - 22
Brad with a nice Turkey.

Roll 58 - 23
We were about 6 miles off the coast at about 110 feet deep.

Roll 58 - 24

Roll 58 - 25
Brad checking out his fish that did not fit in the cooler, it weighed just under 60lbs - we weighed it.

Roll 58 - 27
Coming in on the "tractor factor" these guys are first class but it can be a little harry trying to get your boat into the trailer on the way in if the seas are kicking up.

Roll 58 - 28

Roll 58 - 29

Roll 58 - 30
Show off!

Roll 58 - 31

Roll 58 - 32
No smile - you can tell that he was not winning the money.

Roll 58 - 33

What a smirk, likly because he knew he was winning the 20 dollar pot.

Roll 58 - 35
We developed a new brand for our fishing services, we decided to call it "Crappy Charters" we figure this set the expectations correctly.

Roll 58 - 36
Each evening after fishing the morning tide we ran into Homer, this is behind the people hole where Brad and Jason were trying to catch a King.

Roll 58 - 37
the best thing about Homer is the "Washboard" for 5 bucks you get a shower and for 1.50 more you get the steam room shower - you can ask Brad about this - he came out smiling.

Roll 58 - 38

Roll 58 - 40
Jason Evans "Ayak" pulling in another halibut.

Roll 58 - 41
Fishing in style, you don't want to work to hard out there.

Roll 58 - 42

Roll 58 - 43
While we were waiting for our Halibut to be processed (spoiled) we fished the Anchor River, I caught a nice 15lb range king and released it.