Deer Hunt PWS 2003

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Roll 87 - 36
Using up a little energy before we head out for a weekend of deer hunting.

Roll 87 - 39
Looks like fun eh!

Roll 87 - 42
Now for the reel fun (no pun intended)

Img_1886.jpg copy
That is the view looking north in Port Wells - the mountains were amazingly striking and the seas were super for Oct. boating - about as good as it gets. Photo by Neil Moomey

Photo by Neil Moomey

Roll 87 - 45
Caleb likes to take a nap while underway.

Roll 87 - 50
Went with Neil Moomey on this trip.

Roll 87 - 52
Getting ready to do a little deer hunt.

Roll 87 - 56
Coming back from beach combing, it is a blast to see what old types of floats and stuff that you can find on these beaches.

Roll 87 - 61
What a noisy bedlam, Caleb kept screaming get closer daddy, get closer, I super close and he was about as excited as a 2 year old can get. He cried when we finally motored away - he wanted more.

Roll 87 - 62
Cathy also enjoyed the closeness. She is the chief videographer.

Roll 87 - 68

Roll 87 - 74
We had 2 super camp fires, real bone warmers. It is nice this time of year when it actually gets dark.
Photo by Neil Moomey

What was really cool that night was when I was paddling out to the boat, my oars would cause the algae to light up so each paddle stroke looked like I was stirring up fire flies.

Roll 87 - 77
Photo by Neil Moomey

Roll 87 - 1
Fishing as usual

Roll 87 - 3

Roll 87 - 7

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Roll 87 - 17

Roll 87 - 18
We had a super moorage here and enjoyed the peacefulness of 2 nights sleeping on anchor.

Roll 87 - 19

Pulling the anchor the hard way, I have a 22lb bruce style anchor with 20ft of 3/8th chain, most people call it overkill, but I sleep really well knowing my boat will not go bump in the night.
Photo by Neil Moomey

Roll 87 - 23

Img_1897.jpg copy
Neil shot this super nice doe on the edge of a beach. If you would like to see some super photos and adventures that Neil has been on, click on the following link:

O.K. we posed with his deer because my 2 deer were more on the carry on size. But overall it was a very successful hunt, 4 deer taken and the weather, company and time were first class.
Photo by Neil Moomey


Until the next adventure.....