Prince William Sound
Granite Bay, KNIGHT ISLAND - Drier Bay, Lower Herring Bay (Aug 21-24th)

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Roll 81 - 10
New Addition to my transom, To keep following sees from coming in, also a place for rod holders and eventually a cutting table and down rigger holder when I have a chance to finish the project. Since this picture I have reinforced the top with aluminum angle.

Roll 82 - 11

Roll 82 - 12

Red Fox in his 22' C-Dory Angler, coming home with 2 coolers full of salmon. It was a little rough out to tie up and visit (another time)

Roll 82 - 14
Enjoying dinner on anchor.

Roll 82 - 15
It is starting to get dark now about 10:00 p.m., I woke up at 4am and the Northern Lights were covering the skies, I woke up the crew and we enjoyed the show for about a 1/2 hour before we went back to gentle sleeping on the big water bed.

Roll 82 - 16
Peaceful Moorage.

Roll 82 - 18
Mark and I were kayaking around and I just loved this reflection. This shot is taken in Granite Bay, one of the 3 Granite Bay's in PWS.

Roll 82 - 21
This is the view from up the hill a ways, you are able to walk forever on some of these areas.

Roll 82 - 24
Bible story time.

Roll 82 - 28
it is hard to see, but there were a bunch of Harbor Seals playing on these rocks and we sat and watched them for a while before going into Audrey Cove in Drier Bay on Knight Island.

Roll 82 - 31
On hook in the lagoon, we saw several black bears here, there was a stream full of salmon for Caleb to play.

Roll 82 - 33

Roll 82 - 35
Home Schooling starts early, Caleb loves all the stuff to look at and touch.

Roll 82 - 36

Roll 82 - 37

Roll 82 - 42

Roll 82 - 45
Audrey Cove in Drier Bay right in front of the old cannery.

Roll 82 - 47
We had fun exploring the cannery - Mark found some bricks that were in the Boiler that were stamped with the words "Troy Idaho" with "White" underneath it. Pretty small world considering I moved up here from Troy Idaho.

Roll 82 - 48
Our boats anchored in front of the Cannery area. It was fun to imagine what it must have been like back then in the heyday.

Roll 82 - 57
Nice Silver caught on a buzz bomb jigging for Rock Fish.

Roll 82 - 61
Each night we had a nice fire - good fellowship and good camp grub.

Roll 82 - 63
I kayaked around in the dark a while and this was the shot of the boats off in the distance. Sort of weird to be kayaking in the dark, but yet mystical and fun.

Roll 82 - 66
We found a nice bunch of rocks out in Knight Island Passage that were teeming with rock fish and other species, we got enough for a nice dinner and some for the freezer.

Roll 82 - 69
Cruising back in, the seas were mostly good. Miss Charity is looking good on step.

Roll 82 - 72

Roll 82 - 73
Another wonderful trip behind us, now it is time to head back to what we fondly call our home "Base Camp" and work and plan our next adventure.