PWS Chums and Shrimp

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Roll 60 - 22
Brad doing some filming of Whittier's Harbor

Roll 60 - 23
The view just coming out of the harbor

Roll 60 - 24
A big cruise ship coming right at us in Port Well - the weather was super and the seas were amazingly flat, like a lake!

Roll 60 - 25
Lovin life - nothing like playing hookie.

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Roll 60 - 29
We went to Esther Island by the hatchery and the Chum salmon were in thick as could be. We spent about 4 hours wearing out our arms on these hard hitting monsters.

Roll 60 - 30

Roll 60 - 31
O.K. I am not that fat, I have some stuff in my Simms pocket - not that I am skinny by any means.

Roll 60 - 32
Brad was like a kid in a candy store.

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Roll 60 - 35
Notice how far he is holding the fish in front of him, that is the trick to making a small fish look big!

Roll 60 - 36
The stripes are starting to show on this male chum.

Roll 60 - 38
We had to get a picture of this double hook up, it was fun to target chum for a change instead of the more popular salmon species, they are very aggressive fish. After a while we switched to a fly rod with a streamer and they went after if very well.

Roll 60 - 39
Wally Noerenberg (Esther Island) Hatchery

Roll 60 - 40
Beautiful Big Chum

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Roll 60 - 45
This picture was taken after the "Shrimp Dance" (don't ask) pretty amazing critters, I had my shrimp pot down outside Pigot Bay at about 400 ft, it drifted some into shallower water but I had 11 nice shrimp in the pot with one escape as I pulled it into the boat. Super good eating!

Roll 60 - 46
Always have to stop by the waterfall across from the Whittier harbor.

Roll 60 - 47
Sporting my new coat, I really am impressed with these float coats and will get one for Cathy as well.