Port Nellie Juan & Kings Bay PWS (Derickson Bay, Graystone Bay) / Fathers Day Trip
Joe Law

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First we hit Main Bay Hatchery, but had no luck there, the barrier was across and there were limited fish


Bubba Gump

IMG_1935.jpg IMG_1940.jpg IMG_1942.jpg

50 Shrimp / total of 100 for the trip

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Good eating and lots of fun for the kids and Dad. After only getting 2 shrimp in the first pulling - Caleb prayed for more and we got 50 the next time we pulled the pots. If anyone ones to contribute to the $500.00 dollar pot puller that I want let me know, I am tired of pulling by hand.


Caleb caught this nice snapper while reeling in - at about 150 feet deep, we cooked him and a rock fish with our clam chowder that night. Most excellent!!

IMG_1955.jpg IMG_1961.jpg IMG_1965.jpg

I hiked way up a mountain so that I could get a look at this glacier that was hidden behind some hills, it was amazing looking down over Kings Bay - we did not see another boat for an entire day.

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IMG_1967.jpg IMG_1969.jpg IMG_1972.jpg IMG_1976.jpg IMG_1978.jpg

Shore time - when we look back at the pictures we sometimes forget about the challenges of a 1 year old screaming all day long in a boat the size of an average American bathroom - but it is all worth it - you just have to be CLOSE, very Close and get an ample amount of shore time in.