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Hunting in AlaskaHunting

One Great Moose!
Awesome Collection of Moose Racks
A Nice Collection of Caribou Racks
A Collection of Moose and Caribou Racks
Another Collection of Caribou Racks
Caribou Taken Shedding Velvet
Gun HolstersGrizzley Bear Taken on River Side
Moose Hunt in Alaskan Bush
Successful Ram Hunt
Large Grizzley Hide- Talaheim Lodge
Satisfied Female Hunter on Snow Shoes
Grizzley Paw
Hunting Camp Flown in by Plane
Moose Taken in by Boat on the Talachulitna River
Hunting Tent with Impressive Backdrop!
Victorious Grizzley Bear Hunter
Huge Brown Bear Kill!
Successful Snow Shoe Hunt
Bringing Out a nice Bull Moose by Canoe
Two Hunters Bring Down a Bull Moose
Packing Out a Large Bull Moose Rack
Very Large Bull Moose
Sheep Hunt with Impressive Scenery!
Happy Hunter with a Dall Sheep
Bull Moose
Bull Moose Head
Float Plane Landing
Joe Law with Bull Moose
Ultimate Hunting Rig!

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