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Featured Trips

Chilkoot Trail Hike - August 2000
Alaska Marine Highway Adventure: April 25-May 9, 2001

2003 Alaska Trips:
Alcan Highway Adventure - July 2003
Family Alcan Trip with Boat
Anchor Point Halibut Trip - Memorial Day 2003
Hidden Lake Trout Fishing - May 2003
Hidden Lake & Seldovia - June 2003
Kenai River Dipnetting & Seldovia - July 2003
Prince William Sound & Ship Creek - May 2003
Prince William Sond Chums & Shrimp - June 2003
Prince William Sound, Red Salmon, Star Fish, Shrimp & Crab
C-Dory Maiden Voyage
Seldovia - Resurrection Bay - May 2003
Surprise Cove - Prince William Sound - April 2003
Whittier to Valdez Boating - August 2003
PWS Deer Hunt
Stampede Trail Hunt
Knight Island (PWS)

2004 Alaska Trips:
Caribou Hunt
Perry & Boy Scouts
Barry Arm
Yale Glacier
Yale Glacer 2
Kings In PWS
4th of July in PWS
Main Bay Reds
Seldovia with Parents
Eaglek Bay PWS
Granite Bay (Port Wells)
Port Nellie Juan
Seldovia & Jackalof
April Boating

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